Good Return On Investment

Jun 11, 2014

We have encountered various situations where person gets confused while deciding where to invest and where not. Most confusing part of this whole scenario is when one thinks about investing in BANKS.
Banks, which are often considered as a safer investment option, many a times become confusing for a person who does not have much understanding about banking terms and jargon. Major mode of investment in Banks is through FIXED DEPOSIT which provide an interest of maximum of 9-10%.
When scouting for investment options other than in Banks, investment in Real State has always been a lucrative option.

With Inflation of material costs and Appreciation of land on rise, investing in flats/ apartments and houses becomes more realistic to get a GOOD RETURN ON INVESTMENT in a lesser time.

The cartoon below depicts how a person gets confused by banking jargons and how Kasturi Builders and Hoteliers steps out to clear this confusion. Happy Reading!

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