Home Decor Ideas For Christmas

Dec 22, 2014

And finally the countdown has begun. All of you must have been geared up for the Christmas festivities and New Year celebrations. Have you planned how are you going to decorate your home this time? Don’t let the stress over Christmas decorating make you lose the Christmas spirit! Here are some great DIY decor ideas that will bring joy to your home this holiday season.

1.Incorporate lanterns in your design
You can put candles inside or fill them with ornaments and lights for extra holiday spirit.

2.Paper snowflakes
Make paper snowflakes and hang them over a window so that they can catch light. Mind you don’t need to make as complicated as these ;)

3.Vase cover
You can use cosy sweater sleeves for covering up the vases. It looks lovely!

4.Pine cone decorations
Pine cones can be used judiciously for decorating various items at your home.

5.Glitter votives
Trust me these votives will look beautiful on any party situation.

6.Hang ornaments on ceilings
Make your home space look larger by putting up string lights. Be careful – tie light ornaments on the ceiling.

7.Make your fridge a Snowman
I am pretty sure this little addition will bring a smile to kid’s faces

8.Use your holiday cards to make a Christmas tree
An easy way to display Christmas cards is to tape them on the wall.

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