How Bombay Motors Located Kasturi Plaza Can Boost Employee Productivity?

May 22, 2015

A conventional work environment can actually make people less productive. Some big reasons are attributed to this. One of the major things to consider is commuting to office, which is often gruelling. Adding to ones woes are inflexible work hours and inhumane office spaces.

Kasturi Plaza’s centralized business location and additional office services would surely help in enhancing employee productivity.


Excellent Connectivity and Flexible Office Spaces

It’s a well known fact that happy employees are more productive at work. One of the major areas of concern at workplace is the time. If your office’s location is too far from the main city, employees can become frustrated for travelling long distances.

Our location in the heart of the city has immediate access to all major offices, banks and other business centres for professional uses. And it also allows quick commuting from different parts of the city. This is one of the major considerations for any employee to remain stress free and spend optimal amount of time with his/her family.

A well serviced office space is also defined by its flexibility. The distance between two workstations can also decide happiness at a workplace. Too much distance or a cramped space between two workplaces can make them feel either disconnected or stressed.

Hence, it is highly advisable to choose an office space which is well connected with major transport links and offers flexibility in terms of employee working space.


Lesser Stress Means More Work Productivity

The happier are the employees the less likely they are going to take day offs.

Have a closer look at our business centre and see what makes it a convenient option to work without any stress.

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