Wedding Invitation Ideas

Jun 25, 2015

Wedding invitations – One of the most important elements of the Wedding.


It often becomes difficult and confusing for the brides and grooms as well as their families to decide which card design to choose for their wedding theme as it’s the one that kick-starts the tone for wedding festivities.


It’s the invitation that sits in the home of your relatives/friends for weeks before and after the wedding. By looking at the wedding card one can think of how lavish your wedding celebrations can be. Hence, it’s the one that’s going to make a lasting impression on your guests.


Steps to follow while designing a wedding card:

· The card should go well with the theme of your wedding. Plus it should also go with your family’s taste.

· Never ask the design suggestions from all your family members. Appoint 2-3 members for this task to avoid the kiosk.

· Decide on the budget beforehand.

· Allow enough time for the design process. The earlier you ask to card vendors for designs, the more time you get from choosing various options.

· Always order more cards than you think you need as most of the time you forget some people on the list and it becomes costlier to make 20-30 pieces after the initial order.


Some of the latest designs*: 

This kind of design is perfect for those who want to send a gift along with the greeting which is packed inside this velvet potli.


This is very much vogue in these days. And it is one of those designs that can be comfortably sent through courier to your guests staying abroad.


Although it looks beautiful, it has to be handled in a sophisticated manner as it contains inside a Ganesh Murti, sweets box.


It’s a two tiered round box giving a royal and luxurious appeal.

A Royal Wedding often needs A Royal Invitation. A variety of fabrics can be used in card making to make it appeal attractive.




For the biggest celebrations of your life, the importance you give to your invitations reflects the importance you give for a Wedding. It is what reminds a guest that you want them there by your side as you begin the journey of a lifetime.


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