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Apr 02, 2015
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Buying a home can be incredibly exciting as well as confusing as there are lots of other factors to be considered besides just choosing a home. One of the most important factors amongst all is choosing the right neighborhood. After all there is no point in falling in love with a home in an area that you can’t even standoff. Where your home is located, the neighbourhood that it is located in will influence the lives of you and your family for as long as you live.

Before you start to look for a home one of the smartest things you can do is put together a checklist for all the things that you want in your neighborhood. Look over your list and then prioritize accordingly.

Given below is a list of important considerations that people take into account before choosing a neighborhood.


Schools:  The quality of good schools is a great deal when it comes to buying homes. If you have children or are planning to have, you would want them to access best education possible. Also adding to the fact is due to close proximity to the good quality schools, the prices of your property are surely going to shoot up in future.


Crime and Safety: It is one of those important factors that is often overlooked when hunting for your dream homes. Everyone wants to live in a safe neighborhood but they often miss out to search about it. What one can do is talking to your potential neighbours to get an idea of how safe they feel there. Do proper research on this so that you don’t regret your decision afterwards.


Major Conveniences: After an hour in the car getting home from work, do you really want to take a half an hour drive to get the groceries? No. Right? The close proximity to things like shops, grocery stores etc. can make a neighbourhood very appealing to the prospective home buyers. The easier it is to get those things the greater are the chances for the homebuyers to get attracted to that area.


Highway Noise: Like the noise from railroad tracks, the noise from nearby highways can be a real drawback for potential home buyers. Most homes located near highways will not be as valuable as those located further away.


Access to Public Transport: While being next to train tracks and nearby highways is usually not a favourable location but having them located nearby to your locality is. It is of a major benefit for all the commuters out there.


Parks and Playgrounds: Having adults and children at your home necessitates the requirement of having a park and playground in your neighborhood. Even if it’s a family of just two people – husband and wife, it feels great to be able to take a walk in the park.


Temples: Religion and worship are deeply rooted in the people of Jodhpur. Therefore a temple or any other religious place can be a major consideration for choosing your neighbourhood.


We at Kasturi Residency, Jodhpur, have taken into account all the necessary considerations that people look for while   searching for neighborhood in their house hunting process.


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