What Makes Marwaris Successful In Business?

Mar 25, 2015

It is due to the risk taking capabilities or something else that makes Marwaris so thriving?

All the Richie-Richs, be it the Mittals from Bikaner, Jagat Seths from Jodhpur, Daddas from Phalodi and Malpanis from Jaisalmer who hail from Marwar region are well known businessmen not only in India but all over the World.


What Makes them so Unique?


1.      Monetization Mentality

The Marwaris don’t spend money on petty things. They spend it only on things that make money. ‘Budgeting’ and ‘Saving’ are the traits that are deeply engraved in their DNAs.


2.      Master in Accounting

It’s a well known fact that Jodhpur city is a hub for CA’s. And to run a business successfully one needs to be good with Trial Balances, Balance sheets etc. Again this trait keeps getting transferred from one generation to other.


3.      Good Attitude

Someone has rightly said, “In order to succeed, stay grounded and rooted”!

Marwaris generally have very little ego issues. And this is one sort of attitude which makes them different from others. Morals, Ethics, Righteousness are some of the qualities which are found in all Marwari businessmen which is also their Success Mantra. According to them, ‘If people show trust in you, never disappoint them’.


4.      Winning comes from Waiting

Rome was not built in a day’.

Going by the proverb, Success don’t come so easily. One has to work hard, wait, and watch the things happen. Your patience is tested at each and every level in businesses, the least you can do is keep going and wait for that one right moment.


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